What we can
do for you

  • Custom compounding
  • High quality resins
  • Neutral color available

Resin Buyers

One thing is certain: This is no place for guesswork.

You have to be able to count on your recycled resin supplier. Period.

We get it — we’ve heard too many horror stories from customers who’ve gotten burned by inconsistent quality or unpredictable runnability or unreliable supply from other vendors. We don’t expect you to just take our word for it that we’re different. But maybe our track record will help.

  • Over two decades in operation
  • 50 million pounds produced a year
  • Proven in demanding consumer product applications
  • FDA-certified polystyrene and polypropylene
  • Expert in advanced, automated, one-of-a-kind production systems — we know every piece of equipment, inside and out
  • Specialists in custom formulations

In short, you need quality and consistency; we deliver recycled resins that meet your specs and run like virgin, day in and day out.

We’d love the chance to show you what we can do. Send us your specs, or a sample of what you’re using now. Try us out on a custom formulation, or a have-to-match color. We’ll give you enough pellets to make a believer out of you. And plenty of reason to be absolutely sure who your new go-to supplier is going to be.

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